About White Smile Direct - PAP+ at-home Teeth Whitening Kit

About Us

White Smile Direct is one of the fastest growing and leading brands in oral cosmetics at-home PAP+ Teeth Whitening companies based in the United States. Since our launch, we have continually been developing our peroxide free PAP+ formulas in collaboration with cosmetic dental experts to incorporate the latest technologies into teeth whitening.  

We believe in providing premium products with minimal environmental impact. Therefore we use only recyclable and biodegradable packaging from sustainably managed sources where possible, in conjunction with our products themselves are all vegan friendly and have been designed with sustainability in mind.    

We truly believe smile confidence is essential to how we see ourselves, that’s why our personal mission is to help our customers feel more confident in their smiles through providing professional, safe and effective teeth whitening treatments clinically proven to significantly whiten and brighten your smile.